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New year – time for changes?

Updates Posted on 06 Jan, 2011 13:28:58

It’s now a few days into January 2011, and already there have been a big change in the BeardieBunch at home.

Penny moved away a couple of days ago – to a great beardiehome with many, many years of experience of the breed. She will still be seen in the showring, of course! I hope to show her more – se is just great fun to show, and she seems to love it.

Milla is in season, and the big question is if we should mate her or not. She is a bit “old” for the first time, but in fabulous condition anyway, super healthy and hasn’t had any physical problems whatsoever in her life. She is a great beardie in every way, and it could be really interresting to see what she can give to her pups. SO we are thinking hard right now…

Mac only has one thought in his head right now – how great Milla smells… And Moxy is partly missing her best friend Penny, but really enjoys having her “mum” back home to wash her ears, play with her and just cuddle up with on the sofa.

Snow, snow and more snow outside – the beardies love it, Moxy hate it.

Clean beardies – I love it!



Updates Posted on 12 Dec, 2010 11:05:29

Kennelcough and other illnesses..

Unfortunately my dogs got that damned kennelcough/parainfluenza at the Lillestromshow 3 weeks ago.

Mac has been the worst affected – poor thing, he wasn’t even there! Moxy was also bad a few days here last week – and Penny just a few coughs a day..

All my dogs are vaccainated against this – acctually late summer this year. So I think it’s safe to say that just that vaccination didn’t help much.. I’ve had this on my dogs many times before, but never had anyone getting so ill as Mac has been this time.

Luckily he is a strong and otherwize healthy dog – so I’m not all that worried about him, exept that I feel sorry for him being so ill for several days now. It’s definately so that stress is making things worse – and it’s surely stressful for him living with Moxy in full bloom in her first season as well.

I was planning on having his one toe (the dew claw) removed now in mid winter (no shows for a long time), but have put that off untill he is completely recovered from this, of course. The reason for me wanting to remove it is because it’s probably been broken earlier in life, so it’s now standing straigth out from the leg, and get caught in just about everything. It’s really hurful for him when he runs in the dense forest, or in deep snow.

Luckily Moby and Milla are fit as a fiddle!


Christmas soon!!

Updates Posted on 01 Dec, 2010 10:26:21

Well… Trying desperately to get into the Christmast spirit here.. As you obviously can see from my hompage. Home sick from work, so I have plenty of time, really…

Most of the christmastgifts are in place, and I think I have somewhat of an idea what to get to the last couple of people I give those two. So That’ under control.

Decorating for the Holidays would be just for me and the dogs, so I don’t think I’ll do too much of that anyway.. Get a couple of santas (a “Nisse” in Norwegian) from the attic and place them strategically around, maybe… That’s it.

I’ll be working untill mid day on the 23rd. Here it’s a normal workday even the 24th – the day we celebrate Christmas. But at my work we are lucky to be let go after 2 o’clock on the 23rd – then we have a short social event with cake, coffee and santa giving out presents for the kids that have been broght to work with their parent(s).

As ususal I’ll celebrate with my family – same house, but another part of it. But it’s easy enough and all dogs are at home as normal. Watching Disney in the morning, eating a lovely christmas meal in the evening and opening presents and perhaps watch a movie or something untill late. A nice and relaxing day together with the family.

Oddly enough, a dogclub here has decided to have a dogshow on the 29th and 30th of December – yes, on Thursday and Friday.. They did the show last year as well, but I couldn’t take free from work. But this year I’ve done that – so I’ll be there, showing beardies (Snurre and Penny) on Thursday and Moxy the Boston on Friday. It’s just half an hour away from here, so that’s easy enough.



Updates Posted on 10 Nov, 2010 16:06:50

Well.. The plan with this blog really wasn’t to update it every 5-6 months – that’s far to rarely!

So… What’s new since the summer(!) ?

Dogs, Moby, Milla, Mac and Moxy are all well. A little new one has arrived – Penny. She really just came to try to find a new home in Norway, but is such a great companion to Moxy, so it’s really difficult to separate them as well.

But I do hope for a really good home for her preferably a show-home as she is really gorgeous.. Only shown once – but won the group and was BIS.3 over hundreds of other puppies.

Moxy is off to good start of her puppycarreer. It’s strange to go to a show and NOT groom, of course. Really quite nice!

The summer vacation for next year is already ordered and booked – World Dog Show in Paris. With just Moxy to such a show it’s soooo much easier in every way. Fly over there, minimal preparation with the coat (just have her in really good condition, trim nails and whiskers – and then she’s ready!), not much stuff to bring, travelling with a very good friend of mine and one of her little Coton de Tulears. A relaxing, but exciting show weekend – I cannot hardly wait…

Plans for next year… Well, get that last CACIB on Mac, hopefully having a beardielitter and hope that the whole family is healthy.


Summer is here!

Updates Posted on 23 Jul, 2010 08:45:05

Long, warm and pleasant evenings for people and animals. Shows in the weekends, and having the pleasure of living with the most fun and cute little puppy right now.

The beardies – are doing well. We have two “extras” here right now – Pita and Moses. Their “parents” are coming home from a two weeks holiday thsi weekend, and will pick up both of them on Sunday.

Milla is living with my parents at the moment (quite enough with 5 dogs in my appartement!). But I recon she is looking forward to coming home to us, and get all her dog-friends back again.

IF she is pregnant, she is 3,5 weeks on the way now. Nothing shows, she is eating normally and behaves and looks just the same. I am planning to do an ultrasound examination on her next week.. perhaps.. maybe.. If I remember to do it..

Moby thinks that there are WAY to many dogs at home now – he just want to sleep outside in the cool evening breeze, preferably without two beardies and a boston puppy running wild all over the place.

Mac doesn’t really appreciate Moxy’s total and full admiration. And he is really NOT okey with her thinking that he is her own squeeky-toy! Okey – he can work as a bed for her, and keeping her warm. But being bit by her?? No way!

Mody the Boston – so full of herself! But having the most fun with every single little thing, enjoying er life to the fullest and being just a baby.

Later on today we’re of to two national shows just 2 hours drive form home. Taking the caravan, so we’re going to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors most of the weekend at the showground. I’m sure the dogs will appreciate the outing as well.

A few more weeks now – holiday from work – with or without puppies!


News News News!

Updates Posted on 03 Jul, 2010 07:25:12

Well – where to begin?

World Dog Show – we had a great trip there, the three dogs and us (Monica and I). The car and caravan behaved perfectly, the WDS Camp was just as good as any campingsite, easy to find ones way around the showground, and just a fabulous show.

Mac impressed on the clubshow on Wednesday under Mike Lewis. Mac was placed 3rd in a beautiful championclass, and then 4th best male (even beating the 2nd in championclass).

Moby won the veteranclass on Wednesday, was no. 2 on Thursday. Managed to get some shopping done, buying sensible and planned things – not just “fun stuff”. The dogs got a new bed in the caravan, I got a new Oster 2-speed trimmer, some new combs, a Paw Plunger and alot of snacks for the dogs.

Friday – what a day! We had planned a nice and interresting day at Bogerudmyra kennel (Marit Sunde – living in Nibe, just around 120 kilometers from the showground) – talking about boston terriers and looking at her litter she had at home. A few hours later we left with the most gorgeous little boston bitch! It took at couple of days to find out what her name is – but it ended up in MOXY. Moxy meaning “”Self possessed confidence. An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances. The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor” (Urban dictionary) I’m sure it’s a perfect name for her!

Saturday – coming home with 4 very tired dogs – and Milla very much in season…

Wednesday and Friday – Moby and Milla was mated.

Next week we have a couple of holiday”guests” (Pita and Moses) who are coming to stay for a couple of weeks. That is going to be great fun for Moxy – having someone to play with!

But first – today we’re off to Trondheim (500 kilometers) to show Moby and Molly. Mac and Moxy tag along for the ride, but luckily Milla is staying at home!

Keeping our fingers crossed…


Soon the World Dog Show

Updates Posted on 20 Jun, 2010 08:12:41

Tomorrow we’re off for our trip to Denmark. So today we will get the caravan ready, try to figure out and remember every little bit of “stuff” we could need in almost a week of caravaning… Luckily the weather is no lovely and sunny (yesterday: rain and thunder) – so alot of trips up and down to the parking infront of the house is definately infront of me today!

Maybe I even bath/groom some of the 4-legged participants as well.

Moses is safely placed with Pita and her owners, and he has been there a few days now – so we know that he is thoroughly enjoying himselves..

Tuesday: Arrive at the Dog Camp – at the showground. Really looking forward to seeing those enormous areas (room for 1500 campers!)

Wednesday: Danish Clubshow in Herning (just 7-8 kilometers from the WW-show)

Thursday: Beardies shown at the World Sog Show

Friday: Going to friends and seeing a litter of puppies

Saturday: Drive home – or at least the main part of the trip home.

Hope to find wi-fi on the way…


Puppies everywhere!

Updates Posted on 16 May, 2010 08:46:43

The boys here is making their mark on the beardieworld a little all over the place now.

Mac recently had two litters in Germany, some still available to suitable homes, I think. This giving him a total of 31 pups in 3 different countries.

Moby‘s first litter in Hungary was born two days ago – 8 beautiful pups. Now he has 70 pups born in 3 different countries, living in at least 5..

And he got yet another “batch” of grandchildren at kennel Artic Wool the same day.

Moses is not reproducing himself (because of his elbow arthritis (AA)) – but the PR he gives the breed with just being his own cuddly and lovable self. It can’t be meassured how many people he has convinced that they should have a beardie or two..

Milla is hopefully waiting yet another month with getting into season (because of my working schedule), so she can be mated this year. I’m sure she’ll enjoy being a mum, and with her good looks and wonderful temperament – I have high hopes for her kids as well.

Hoping for an interresting summer and weekend in the showring with all the Taildown’ers. The three that has been shown this yeas has certainly been doing well (all getting CC’s), and we still has two more to come out in the ring later on.

That is Jessica (Taildown’s Dream Team) a black/white 3,5 year old (littersister to Moses), that was shown a few times a couple of years ago (one CC).

The other one is a 1,5 year old girl called Pita (Taildown’s Jitterbug), a fawn little giril that was the pick of litter bitch in our last litter…

See you!


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