Wow – even now 24 hours after we arrived here it still feels so strange to acctually be wandering the streets of Paris (France) this weekend!

I’m here with work, and yesterday was meetings and then a dinner at a probably quite “posh” restaurant in the city centre.

Today we’ve been to Grosbois – an absolutely fabulous training facility for the frensh trotting horses. A BEAUTIFUL place, and I truly wish there were such a place for us dog-people… Imagine how great that would have been!

While we where there we met up with the supercute and loveable coldblooded racing horses – that we have sent to participate at the races in Vincennes trotting field tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing them start there!

After that we’ve been to the city center for sightseeing – L’arc Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame.. And it’s no doubt that Paris has some extremely beautiful arcitecture and wonderful sights.

Dinner at the hotel later tonight. And tomorrow it’s the races at Vincennes, and after that the airport, and a flight home in the evening. IF the weather is okey tomorrrow – there might be some more sightseeing tomorrow morning.. I thing I should have bought SOMETHING else than a silvercoloured tiny plastic keyring of the Eiffel Tower.. But I’m really not sure what to buy, though…