Monday was D-day for me in re. of cars.. I got my “new” (2007 model) Toyota Hiace – and traded in my Peugeot Expert (2002 model).

The change was formidable, of course. Not ALL positive, as the little Peugeot is (was) the easiest car to drive around with, and very comfortable in many ways..

BUT – the Hiace has just about everything else. Durability, they say it’s easy to maintain, cheap to fix, and more noticable – stronger motor, quite alot bigger than the Peugeot, doors at both sides in the back, windows that can be opened, not so scratched and dented, alarm, ALOT better seats for my passenger, 4 wheel drive, new tires, recentlly serviced and checked out in every way, etc, etc.

Tuesday – Monica and I put the cages into the car, and realized what nice ride the beardies will have from now on. Especially the ones coming to/from Crufts. Big cages, and alot of comfort for all three.

Wednesday – put on some of my stickers and magnets.. At least it’s now unique – and recognizable on the streets from now on.

Hopefully it’ll behave nicely now for some time, and we’ll have a “get-to-know-you-trip” now to Crufts…