Since Easter the weather has been so “warm” during the daytime that the snow is starting to go away now.

This resulting in really dirty dogs, of course. But with another week or so with nice weather I hope we’ll be rid of the snow for this time. Looking forward to that!

The dogs

Are all well, happy and almost “back to their old self” again. Mac has probably done a little growing up when he was away, as he is more self confident around Moby now. But at the same time he is not as playful towards Moses – so ones gain is anothers loss, or something like that.. (Although they DO play a little)

The caravan season

In two weeks time we have to have the caravan ready for the first trip of the year. (Recon all the snow is gone by then) It’s two dogshows and the clubs annual meeting in the middle of them..

I’ve just entered Elmer (Taildown’s Jukebox) for the shows, and are really looking forward to seeing him again.

I’ve checked it inside, and it looks like everything is in just as good shape as last year, and it seems like it has “survived” all the snow this winter as well.

The breedclub

I’m very happy that I’m not up for any election or anything on the annual meeting. But I’m rather annoyed that some seem to think that the breedclub is their own little playground and totally lacks respect for the work others have put in it.

But I guess that’s a normal thing to feel about it – right? And I’m really not sure if i want to bother to care too much about it either.

Weekly play-dates for the dogs

Very soon now – the snow is melting, and as soon as it has dried up – we’ll start too meet up again and let the dogs play and run again! All of us are rellly looking forward to that, of course!