Now the first caravanweekend is over.

And yes – a Caravelair might not be the warmest of caravans, but it worked out well even if the temperature were around freezing at night.

4 dogs with us for the trip (Moby, Milla, Mac and Elmer) and they were alle friends and happy for their weekend out. Moses was at home with my brother and father – and REALLY enjoyed pretending to be a spoiled family pet for the weekend..

The show on Saturday was a great thrill. Elmer did his very best in the ring, enjoying the judge, the tiny ring, the slippery floor and just about everything in the hall. Showing like a dream – getting the CC, best male and beat the bitch for Best of Breed!

His sister Molly (Taildown’s Jellybaby) was 2. best bitch – so it was soooo close we had best in both sexes….

The show on Sunday didn’t start all that well with Elmer being beat already in juniorclass. But he got the CK (reserve CC) and climbed all the way up to 3rd best male. But Molly took over where the brother left off – her first CC, best bitch and Best of Breed!

So now they are 3 CC winners in this litter – and I am very, very proud of them!