The beardies

A weekend without any shows, plans or “to do” tings.. So maybe it’s time to give them all a good groom and bath.. It’s been a few weeks, and I recon all of them are coming with us to NKK show in Kristiansand next weekend. It would be nice to having them clean and looking okey again soon – now they mostly resemble thumbleweed….

The caravan

Got a telephone from the dealer last week, and the markese we ordered has arrived. This will give us alot more space, and do our camping-weekends much more comfortable. The dogs will have more room to walk about, we can give them a big puppy pen to sleep in at night, maybe have the car accessible as well.. So now we can bring even more dogs!

Next show

Elmer and Moby is entered, hopefully the judge will agree that they are really, really nice…