The boys here is making their mark on the beardieworld a little all over the place now.

Mac recently had two litters in Germany, some still available to suitable homes, I think. This giving him a total of 31 pups in 3 different countries.

Moby‘s first litter in Hungary was born two days ago – 8 beautiful pups. Now he has 70 pups born in 3 different countries, living in at least 5..

And he got yet another “batch” of grandchildren at kennel Artic Wool the same day.

Moses is not reproducing himself (because of his elbow arthritis (AA)) – but the PR he gives the breed with just being his own cuddly and lovable self. It can’t be meassured how many people he has convinced that they should have a beardie or two..

Milla is hopefully waiting yet another month with getting into season (because of my working schedule), so she can be mated this year. I’m sure she’ll enjoy being a mum, and with her good looks and wonderful temperament – I have high hopes for her kids as well.

Hoping for an interresting summer and weekend in the showring with all the Taildown’ers. The three that has been shown this yeas has certainly been doing well (all getting CC’s), and we still has two more to come out in the ring later on.

That is Jessica (Taildown’s Dream Team) a black/white 3,5 year old (littersister to Moses), that was shown a few times a couple of years ago (one CC).

The other one is a 1,5 year old girl called Pita (Taildown’s Jitterbug), a fawn little giril that was the pick of litter bitch in our last litter…

See you!