Tomorrow we’re off for our trip to Denmark. So today we will get the caravan ready, try to figure out and remember every little bit of “stuff” we could need in almost a week of caravaning… Luckily the weather is no lovely and sunny (yesterday: rain and thunder) – so alot of trips up and down to the parking infront of the house is definately infront of me today!

Maybe I even bath/groom some of the 4-legged participants as well.

Moses is safely placed with Pita and her owners, and he has been there a few days now – so we know that he is thoroughly enjoying himselves..

Tuesday: Arrive at the Dog Camp – at the showground. Really looking forward to seeing those enormous areas (room for 1500 campers!)

Wednesday: Danish Clubshow in Herning (just 7-8 kilometers from the WW-show)

Thursday: Beardies shown at the World Sog Show

Friday: Going to friends and seeing a litter of puppies

Saturday: Drive home – or at least the main part of the trip home.

Hope to find wi-fi on the way…