Well – where to begin?

World Dog Show – we had a great trip there, the three dogs and us (Monica and I). The car and caravan behaved perfectly, the WDS Camp was just as good as any campingsite, easy to find ones way around the showground, and just a fabulous show.

Mac impressed on the clubshow on Wednesday under Mike Lewis. Mac was placed 3rd in a beautiful championclass, and then 4th best male (even beating the 2nd in championclass).

Moby won the veteranclass on Wednesday, was no. 2 on Thursday. Managed to get some shopping done, buying sensible and planned things – not just “fun stuff”. The dogs got a new bed in the caravan, I got a new Oster 2-speed trimmer, some new combs, a Paw Plunger and alot of snacks for the dogs.

Friday – what a day! We had planned a nice and interresting day at Bogerudmyra kennel (Marit Sunde – living in Nibe, just around 120 kilometers from the showground) – talking about boston terriers and looking at her litter she had at home. A few hours later we left with the most gorgeous little boston bitch! It took at couple of days to find out what her name is – but it ended up in MOXY. Moxy meaning “”Self possessed confidence. An attitude of fearlessness in everyday circumstances. The capacity to stand alone in favor of an unpopular opinion or course of action with a casual demeanor” (Urban dictionary) I’m sure it’s a perfect name for her!

Saturday – coming home with 4 very tired dogs – and Milla very much in season…

Wednesday and Friday – Moby and Milla was mated.

Next week we have a couple of holiday”guests” (Pita and Moses) who are coming to stay for a couple of weeks. That is going to be great fun for Moxy – having someone to play with!

But first – today we’re off to Trondheim (500 kilometers) to show Moby and Molly. Mac and Moxy tag along for the ride, but luckily Milla is staying at home!

Keeping our fingers crossed…