Long, warm and pleasant evenings for people and animals. Shows in the weekends, and having the pleasure of living with the most fun and cute little puppy right now.

The beardies – are doing well. We have two “extras” here right now – Pita and Moses. Their “parents” are coming home from a two weeks holiday thsi weekend, and will pick up both of them on Sunday.

Milla is living with my parents at the moment (quite enough with 5 dogs in my appartement!). But I recon she is looking forward to coming home to us, and get all her dog-friends back again.

IF she is pregnant, she is 3,5 weeks on the way now. Nothing shows, she is eating normally and behaves and looks just the same. I am planning to do an ultrasound examination on her next week.. perhaps.. maybe.. If I remember to do it..

Moby thinks that there are WAY to many dogs at home now – he just want to sleep outside in the cool evening breeze, preferably without two beardies and a boston puppy running wild all over the place.

Mac doesn’t really appreciate Moxy’s total and full admiration. And he is really NOT okey with her thinking that he is her own squeeky-toy! Okey – he can work as a bed for her, and keeping her warm. But being bit by her?? No way!

Mody the Boston – so full of herself! But having the most fun with every single little thing, enjoying er life to the fullest and being just a baby.

Later on today we’re of to two national shows just 2 hours drive form home. Taking the caravan, so we’re going to enjoy the beautiful weather outdoors most of the weekend at the showground. I’m sure the dogs will appreciate the outing as well.

A few more weeks now – holiday from work – with or without puppies!