Well.. The plan with this blog really wasn’t to update it every 5-6 months – that’s far to rarely!

So… What’s new since the summer(!) ?

Dogs, Moby, Milla, Mac and Moxy are all well. A little new one has arrived – Penny. She really just came to try to find a new home in Norway, but is such a great companion to Moxy, so it’s really difficult to separate them as well.

But I do hope for a really good home for her preferably a show-home as she is really gorgeous.. Only shown once – but won the group and was BIS.3 over hundreds of other puppies.

Moxy is off to good start of her puppycarreer. It’s strange to go to a show and NOT groom, of course. Really quite nice!

The summer vacation for next year is already ordered and booked – World Dog Show in Paris. With just Moxy to such a show it’s soooo much easier in every way. Fly over there, minimal preparation with the coat (just have her in really good condition, trim nails and whiskers – and then she’s ready!), not much stuff to bring, travelling with a very good friend of mine and one of her little Coton de Tulears. A relaxing, but exciting show weekend – I cannot hardly wait…

Plans for next year… Well, get that last CACIB on Mac, hopefully having a beardielitter and hope that the whole family is healthy.