Well… Trying desperately to get into the Christmast spirit here.. As you obviously can see from my hompage. Home sick from work, so I have plenty of time, really…

Most of the christmastgifts are in place, and I think I have somewhat of an idea what to get to the last couple of people I give those two. So That’ under control.

Decorating for the Holidays would be just for me and the dogs, so I don’t think I’ll do too much of that anyway.. Get a couple of santas (a “Nisse” in Norwegian) from the attic and place them strategically around, maybe… That’s it.

I’ll be working untill mid day on the 23rd. Here it’s a normal workday even the 24th – the day we celebrate Christmas. But at my work we are lucky to be let go after 2 o’clock on the 23rd – then we have a short social event with cake, coffee and santa giving out presents for the kids that have been broght to work with their parent(s).

As ususal I’ll celebrate with my family – same house, but another part of it. But it’s easy enough and all dogs are at home as normal. Watching Disney in the morning, eating a lovely christmas meal in the evening and opening presents and perhaps watch a movie or something untill late. A nice and relaxing day together with the family.

Oddly enough, a dogclub here has decided to have a dogshow on the 29th and 30th of December – yes, on Thursday and Friday.. They did the show last year as well, but I couldn’t take free from work. But this year I’ve done that – so I’ll be there, showing beardies (Snurre and Penny) on Thursday and Moxy the Boston on Friday. It’s just half an hour away from here, so that’s easy enough.