Kennelcough and other illnesses..

Unfortunately my dogs got that damned kennelcough/parainfluenza at the Lillestromshow 3 weeks ago.

Mac has been the worst affected – poor thing, he wasn’t even there! Moxy was also bad a few days here last week – and Penny just a few coughs a day..

All my dogs are vaccainated against this – acctually late summer this year. So I think it’s safe to say that just that vaccination didn’t help much.. I’ve had this on my dogs many times before, but never had anyone getting so ill as Mac has been this time.

Luckily he is a strong and otherwize healthy dog – so I’m not all that worried about him, exept that I feel sorry for him being so ill for several days now. It’s definately so that stress is making things worse – and it’s surely stressful for him living with Moxy in full bloom in her first season as well.

I was planning on having his one toe (the dew claw) removed now in mid winter (no shows for a long time), but have put that off untill he is completely recovered from this, of course. The reason for me wanting to remove it is because it’s probably been broken earlier in life, so it’s now standing straigth out from the leg, and get caught in just about everything. It’s really hurful for him when he runs in the dense forest, or in deep snow.

Luckily Moby and Milla are fit as a fiddle!