It’s now a few days into January 2011, and already there have been a big change in the BeardieBunch at home.

Penny moved away a couple of days ago – to a great beardiehome with many, many years of experience of the breed. She will still be seen in the showring, of course! I hope to show her more – se is just great fun to show, and she seems to love it.

Milla is in season, and the big question is if we should mate her or not. She is a bit “old” for the first time, but in fabulous condition anyway, super healthy and hasn’t had any physical problems whatsoever in her life. She is a great beardie in every way, and it could be really interresting to see what she can give to her pups. SO we are thinking hard right now…

Mac only has one thought in his head right now – how great Milla smells… And Moxy is partly missing her best friend Penny, but really enjoys having her “mum” back home to wash her ears, play with her and just cuddle up with on the sofa.

Snow, snow and more snow outside – the beardies love it, Moxy hate it.

Clean beardies – I love it!