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Updates Posted on 02 May, 2010 15:10:45

The beardies

A weekend without any shows, plans or “to do” tings.. So maybe it’s time to give them all a good groom and bath.. It’s been a few weeks, and I recon all of them are coming with us to NKK show in Kristiansand next weekend. It would be nice to having them clean and looking okey again soon – now they mostly resemble thumbleweed….

The caravan

Got a telephone from the dealer last week, and the markese we ordered has arrived. This will give us alot more space, and do our camping-weekends much more comfortable. The dogs will have more room to walk about, we can give them a big puppy pen to sleep in at night, maybe have the car accessible as well.. So now we can bring even more dogs!

Next show

Elmer and Moby is entered, hopefully the judge will agree that they are really, really nice…


Stange-weekend 2010

Updates Posted on 28 Apr, 2010 14:22:13

Now the first caravanweekend is over.

And yes – a Caravelair might not be the warmest of caravans, but it worked out well even if the temperature were around freezing at night.

4 dogs with us for the trip (Moby, Milla, Mac and Elmer) and they were alle friends and happy for their weekend out. Moses was at home with my brother and father – and REALLY enjoyed pretending to be a spoiled family pet for the weekend..

The show on Saturday was a great thrill. Elmer did his very best in the ring, enjoying the judge, the tiny ring, the slippery floor and just about everything in the hall. Showing like a dream – getting the CC, best male and beat the bitch for Best of Breed!

His sister Molly (Taildown’s Jellybaby) was 2. best bitch – so it was soooo close we had best in both sexes….

The show on Sunday didn’t start all that well with Elmer being beat already in juniorclass. But he got the CK (reserve CC) and climbed all the way up to 3rd best male. But Molly took over where the brother left off – her first CC, best bitch and Best of Breed!

So now they are 3 CC winners in this litter – and I am very, very proud of them!

Spring is here

Updates Posted on 09 Apr, 2010 08:11:31


Since Easter the weather has been so “warm” during the daytime that the snow is starting to go away now.

This resulting in really dirty dogs, of course. But with another week or so with nice weather I hope we’ll be rid of the snow for this time. Looking forward to that!

The dogs

Are all well, happy and almost “back to their old self” again. Mac has probably done a little growing up when he was away, as he is more self confident around Moby now. But at the same time he is not as playful towards Moses – so ones gain is anothers loss, or something like that.. (Although they DO play a little)

The caravan season

In two weeks time we have to have the caravan ready for the first trip of the year. (Recon all the snow is gone by then) It’s two dogshows and the clubs annual meeting in the middle of them..

I’ve just entered Elmer (Taildown’s Jukebox) for the shows, and are really looking forward to seeing him again.

I’ve checked it inside, and it looks like everything is in just as good shape as last year, and it seems like it has “survived” all the snow this winter as well.

The breedclub

I’m very happy that I’m not up for any election or anything on the annual meeting. But I’m rather annoyed that some seem to think that the breedclub is their own little playground and totally lacks respect for the work others have put in it.

But I guess that’s a normal thing to feel about it – right? And I’m really not sure if i want to bother to care too much about it either.

Weekly play-dates for the dogs

Very soon now – the snow is melting, and as soon as it has dried up – we’ll start too meet up again and let the dogs play and run again! All of us are rellly looking forward to that, of course!


All at home again!

Updates Posted on 17 Mar, 2010 08:11:20

Finally – yesterday my little gang of Beardies are now home all toghether for the first time in about 7 months..

All four seems to be happy about that, and all they want to do is be let outside so they can play in the snow. We still have at least a meter tall piles of snow infront of the fence – so yesterdy Moses just walked straight over, not even noticing that he suddenly was over in the neighbours garden.

Strange to come back to a full winter – after a week in the absolutely springtime. Half way down Sweden the snow wasn’t visible from the roads anymore, and from there on it was just warmer and greeer the further south we came. Lovely!

NOT looking forward to seeing all this snow melting in my lawn….


CRUFTS updates

Updates Posted on 13 Mar, 2010 20:12:11

Updated my pages from Crufts…


On our way!

Updates Posted on 09 Mar, 2010 08:53:08

Off and away – we’re on the road now. A day-to-day blog is on my homepage (Up close and Personal-plage, and click on the Crufts logo).

The car has behaved perfectly – and even if the roads are dry, we still see a little snow and ice on the smaller roads here (through Germany/Netherlands/Belgium so far), so having the winter tyres on, and 4 wd, probably aren’t that silly…

Read on the news that Barcelona had snow today… So who knows what will happen with the weather from now on.

I’ve also cut my hair! And yes, really, really cut it off… Short hair again now, and it feels SO nice, albeit a little cold and drafty, though.

But easy to maintain and really just “live with” than that long…


New car!

Updates Posted on 03 Mar, 2010 23:01:51

Monday was D-day for me in re. of cars.. I got my “new” (2007 model) Toyota Hiace – and traded in my Peugeot Expert (2002 model).

The change was formidable, of course. Not ALL positive, as the little Peugeot is (was) the easiest car to drive around with, and very comfortable in many ways..

BUT – the Hiace has just about everything else. Durability, they say it’s easy to maintain, cheap to fix, and more noticable – stronger motor, quite alot bigger than the Peugeot, doors at both sides in the back, windows that can be opened, not so scratched and dented, alarm, ALOT better seats for my passenger, 4 wheel drive, new tires, recentlly serviced and checked out in every way, etc, etc.

Tuesday – Monica and I put the cages into the car, and realized what nice ride the beardies will have from now on. Especially the ones coming to/from Crufts. Big cages, and alot of comfort for all three.

Wednesday – put on some of my stickers and magnets.. At least it’s now unique – and recognizable on the streets from now on.

Hopefully it’ll behave nicely now for some time, and we’ll have a “get-to-know-you-trip” now to Crufts…



Updates Posted on 27 Feb, 2010 17:48:27

Wow – even now 24 hours after we arrived here it still feels so strange to acctually be wandering the streets of Paris (France) this weekend!

I’m here with work, and yesterday was meetings and then a dinner at a probably quite “posh” restaurant in the city centre.

Today we’ve been to Grosbois – an absolutely fabulous training facility for the frensh trotting horses. A BEAUTIFUL place, and I truly wish there were such a place for us dog-people… Imagine how great that would have been!

While we where there we met up with the supercute and loveable coldblooded racing horses – that we have sent to participate at the races in Vincennes trotting field tomorrow. Really looking forward to seeing them start there!

After that we’ve been to the city center for sightseeing – L’arc Triomphe, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame.. And it’s no doubt that Paris has some extremely beautiful arcitecture and wonderful sights.

Dinner at the hotel later tonight. And tomorrow it’s the races at Vincennes, and after that the airport, and a flight home in the evening. IF the weather is okey tomorrrow – there might be some more sightseeing tomorrow morning.. I thing I should have bought SOMETHING else than a silvercoloured tiny plastic keyring of the Eiffel Tower.. But I’m really not sure what to buy, though…


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